The Humanitarian Twitterati 

Humanitarian Twitterati

Meet the citizens and organizations who embody the best of humanity and who are driving the discussions online with regards to the UN-endorsed principle known as the Responsibility to Protect. The Humanitarian Twitterati is broken down into five sections: political leaders and opinion-shapers; organizations and initiatives; diplomats and ambassadors; journalists and media professionals and academics and civil society leaders. 



The Humanitarian Twitterati has been compiled and created by Kyle Matthews @kylecmatthews, Marie Lamensch @MarieLamensch84 and Isadora Hellegren @Zeldazadora 

at the Montreal Institute for Genocide and Human Rights Studies

Humanitarian Twitterati Political Leaders & Opinion Shapers
Humanitarian Twitterati Organizations & Initiatives
Humanitarian Twitterati Diplomats & Ambassadors
Humanitarian Twitterati Journalists & Media Professionals