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Journalists & Media Professionals

Christiane Amanpour @camanpour

ABC’s Global Affairs anchor and host of CNN International’s nightly global affairs program, Amanpour is a must follow. Having covered dangerous conflicts all her career, including Bosnia, Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan and Rwanda, she is known for asking the tough questions and holding people to account, which is reflected in her Twitter feed.

Andy Carvin @acarvin

Formerly with National Public Radio and now with First Look Media, Carvin pioneered the way we receive news via Twitter by relentlessly live-tweeting the revolutions in Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Syria and Yemen.

C.J. Chivers ‪@cjchivers

New York Times Senior writer and Pulitzer Prize winner, Chivers covers conflicts, insurgencies, and the arms trade and writes incisive field reports from Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Russia, Pakistan, and Syria amongst others. His tweets lets you glimpse at what is really transpiring on the ground.

Jackson Diehl ‪@JacksonDiehl

Columnist and deputy editorial page editor of The Washington Post, Diehl writes about U.S. foreign policy and his tweets recently cover violence against protestors in Ukraine to the never ending humanitarian crisis in Syria.

Lyse Doucet @bbclysedoucet

BBC's Chief International correspondent and journalist, Doucet flies in and out of conflict zones more often that the UN Secretary General. From the Syria to Afghanistan, this Canadian’s Twitter feed is an important one to follow.

Mona Eltahawy @monaeltahawy

Prominent Egyptian-American journalists and activist, Eltahawy has been one of the go-to person for outspoken tweets on Middle Eastern politics and the aftermath of the Arab Spring. Not afraid to state her opinion, she takes live-reporting seriously: she tweeted her own arrest in Cairo in 2011.

Max Fisher @Max_Fisher

Washington Post's foreign affairs blogger, Fisher relentlessly tweets news and analysis on foreign affairs and conflicts, especially where civilians are at risk. Ranging from the plight of the Rohingya in Myanmar to sectarian violence in the Central African Republic, in less than 140 characters he makes complex issues more accessible to larger audiences.

Denis Fitzgerald @denisfitz

As freelance journalist and editor of the UN Tribune (@untribune), Fitzgerald’s Twitter feed provides the latest news and independent commentary on inner working at the United Nations. 

Hala Gorani @HalaGorani

Star correspondent at CNN International, Gorani covers war-torn countries, especially in the Middle East, and is famous for her hard-hitting analysis and interviews with key actors and leaders. Gorani tweets about human rights violations and international humanitarian crises as often as she reports on them. 

Nicholas Kristof @NickKristof

Often called a “reporter’s reporter”, Kristof is one of New York Times most famous columnists and leading human rights journalist, highlighted by his reporting on the Darfur genocide. Kristof has his critics but he remains a go to account for personalized accounts on humanitarian crises and public apathy in the face of human suffering. 

Pierre Omidyar @pierre

Founder of eBay, the Omidyar Foundation and Humanity United, Omidyar is of the minds behind the Tech Challenge for Atrocity Prevention. He recently created First Look Media "to convert mainstream readers into engaged citizens” which should give you a good idea that his tweets are not passive.

Michael D. Weiss @michaeldweiss

NOW Lebanon and Foreign Policy columnist, Editor-in-Chief of The Interpreter, Weiss writes and tweets on Turkey, Russia and Syria. Understanding these three countries allows for amazing and insightful analysis. 

Jon Williams @WilliamsJon

Managing editor for international news at ABC News and previously foreign editor at BBC News, Williams has covered many of the world’s conflicts and has been recognized by Foreign Policy magazine as a must follow Twitter account. We agree. His feed will make you want to quit your day job and volunteer your time for the betterment of humanity.

Geoffrey York @geoffreyyork

An experienced journalist, York is the Africa foreign correspondent at Canada’s The Globe and Mail. Based in South Africa, he has reported from pretty every African hot spot you can think off.  An essential account to follow if you care about the human security of Africans.

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