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Welcome to the world’s first comprehensive list of the most active humanitarians on Twitter. The Montreal Institute for Genocide and Human Rights Studies has mined the twitterverse to compile a global list of who’s who in raising awareness online to protect vulnerable populations. Meet the citizens and organizations who embody the best of humanity and who are driving the discussions online with regards to the UN-endorsed principle known as the Responsibility to Protect. Join in the conversation with #humanitariantwitterati and follow all of those who make up the digital community of commitment to prevent and respond to human suffering.


"Honored to be on @MIGSinstitute "Humanitarian Twitterati List" w/ so many great human rights advocates"

John McCain ‏@SenJohnMcCain




"Honoured to be on the #HumanitarianTwitterati list. Thanks @MIGSinstitute. Now I'm going to have to tweet clever things. #PressureIsOn"


Simon Adams ‏@SimonAdamsR2P



"Good list of who to follow on humanitarian issues"


Tweet from Ronan Farrow @RonanFarrow



"One stop shop for influencers

Tweet from Andrew Reddie ‏@areddie89




Humanitarian Twitterati Political Leaders & Opinion Shapers
Humanitarian Twitterati Journalists & Media Professionals
Humanitarian Twitterati Organizations & Initiatives
Humanitarian Twitterati Diplomats & Ambassadors
The Humanitarian Twitterati List
Government troops March in the eastern DRC town of Kanyaruchinya, close to the frontline with M23 rebels  © Aubrey Graham/IRIN
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